The poison of your love


I rise out of the poison of your love

The venom I drink to my glory

Taking a sip from the glass of blood you offer me

Your love consuming me with a poisonous intoxication

Putting me in a state of trance

Binding me in love-lost transition

The semi-conscious and complete unconscious

Rising out of my consciousness

I rise out of the poison you entwine me with….

My soul moves out of my physical presence – fading out into eternity

I am at peace now – with the rain falling upon my barren face

Arousing me with a deep embedded kiss hugging my scarred and burnt soul

I rise out of the poison of your love!



The Gift of Rejection

25674-Pablo-Picasso-Quote-The-meaning-of-life-is-to-find-your-gift-TheWhen she was 7 she was given a doll for Christmas. As she grew she realized nothing much changed apart from developing more appropriate ways for figuring out how things work. Well, this I quoted from Maggie Lawson, with her due and kind permission.
One of her posts on LinkedIn, ““I also wanted to thank life for the gift of rejection because it gave me an opportunity to grow. As disappointed as I am, I am also grateful. I’m learning to stand tall in my own skin and the experiences of life has been instrumental in the change process.”
This triggered me to start off my communication with her. After many such enriching conversations, I decided to dedicate this story to Maggie L, hailing from New Zealand.
Sharing some of her message threads:
“Hi Upalparna, together we are stronger. I appreciate your honesty and respect your struggle.” Just like she respects her own. “You remind me of me. There is a special connection between us.”
“In our childhood we held the world in our palms. They were not fantasies, they were our birth right. That is, until our dreams are stolen from us.”
“Can I call you Upal? Is it rude to shorten names there? Upal reminds me of opal – a gemstone with many beautiful sparkling flecks… Kind like you.”
“ It’s the jealous demons who won’t let you be yourself for themselves. The more you see them the louder they will get. Do you know how I know? I have them too. They keep me from reaching out; they tell me it’s for my own protection. But I’ve learned I’m bigger and stronger than my demons. Soon they will weaken. Loosen their grip. And you will be free like me. Promise me, you’ll hold on. And ride the tide, in and out up and down. I need to know you’re here. I have lost enough for seven lifetimes.”
You are quite good for me opel. You inspire creativity. I love how you write, you even reflect some of the concepts I’m supporting at the moment. Beautiful!
One concept she picked up from my writing: Slowly, gradually, just by being yourself. Just by sinking into your own skin. This here matches up with a theme she’s exploring called #FullSpectrum. She has been writing posts to encourage people to throw away definers, things that limit us to fit popular ideas of what we’re supposed to be, like professionalism which seeks to strip us of our uniqueness. Instead she encourages people to stand tall in their skin, in their full spectrum self.
I just take a U-turn (The second concept) – this one she has been calling #pivotpoint. The idea is that every single situation has multiple faces, all of which are relevant perspectives of the same situation. At any point we can pivot whilst being in the same point in time and choose to look at the event differently, we can literally turn it over in our hands to see it in a way that works for us for whatever journey we are on. A wall can be a path from a different perspective, reality is fluid.
The reason we both connected – is to focus on pivot points to turn around negative situations in life. Often because none of us can control the predefined events that happen to us – we just have to learn to sail through it.
We are one on the mission by owning how we will use the situation we & others go through. It can be difficult at times especially when wrapped up in hurt but it is never impossible. We have found that by being able to glide through the situations and then climbing on top of it, we enable ourselves and others to gain new heights and get our power back. – Maggie L can be reached on
I, Opel as she calls me – am left speechless with the touch of her love & friendship. Her knowledge and depth empowers people, just the way it empowers me.